Malissa Turney, LPC,SEP - Body Focused Healing                            828-231-0852
Do you have posttraumatic symptoms? Feel overwhelmed and anxious? Are you quick to feel ashamed and damaged when something goes wrong? Have your physical injuries been slow to heal? I am a licensed Professional Counselor whose primary treatment modalities are Somatic Experiencing and other body/physiology focused models. My specialty is creating a safe and contained space where deep shifts can occur, stabilize, and integrate. These deep shifts can show up as decreased anxiety and posttraumatic symptoms, decreased physical symptoms, and a stronger sense of personal boundaries.
I have trained extensively in Somatic Experiencing, a body/physiology focused approach to recovery from trauma and overwhelming experiences, for the past 10 years. In addition, I am also certified in BASE (Bodywork and Somatic Education for Trauma Therapists), a modality that supports the physiology to heal from trauma. I have more than 16 years of experience treating people with trauma symptoms.
Many admit that in response to certain triggers, they disappear into a bubble of shame, fearfulness, freeze, anger, shutdown, and/or panic. This response pattern can originate from an earlier time in life. We can address these patterns and support formation and integration of a new nervous system network/pattern through a safe approach to restoring resiliency to the nervous system.
Residual unresolved trauma and stress increase physical symptoms  such as pain and most physical diagnoses. By decreasing charge and activation in the nervous system from a traumatic event or events, the body's resources are freed up for healing. The goal of treatment is to restore natural regulation to the body and nervous system. Better regulation can be experienced as feeling calmer, more confident, safer, more embodied.
Traumas and conditions commonly treated include: anxiety, medical and dental procedures, medical diagnoses, catastropic injuries including brain injury,  vehicle accidents, falls, abuse, acute and chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and syndromes. I also specialize in surgical preparation.
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